When the App is closed repeatedly on Android

Many Android users have reported problems with various apps since last Monday. Those apps, including Gmail, started to crash. This time Google solved the problem.

The Android application displays the website content with the help of a system application called 'Android System Web View'. The problem is that the previous version of the application had errors.

As a solution, Google has suggested us to update the Android device and Google Chrome sbrowser by visiting the Google Play Store.

The ways to update:

  1. Launch the Play Store app
  2. Now search for 'Android system web view'
  3. Select 'Update'
  4. Then follow the steps above for Google Chrome

The problems with Gmail and other Google applications began on Monday. Google gave the solution after about seven hours. Many reported the issue by posting on Twitter and Reddit. This problem is more common on Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel series smartphones. Google thanks all users for their patience instead of apologizing for the problem.

Many have found a solution by uninstalling the faulty version of Webview from the Android system before updating the application. Google has asked those users to reinstall the updated app for security reasons.