Temperature is Rising in Australia - Heatwave in Sydney

Temperature rise in Australia

The highest temperature recorded in November was in Sydney, Australia. The Meteorological Department said the temperature could touch 40 degrees on Sunday.

The country recorded an average night temperature of 25.4 degrees Celsius. The New South Wales Fire Service has been warned that the area could catch fire in most parts of the east and northeast.

Temperatures have also risen in other parts of the country, including South Australia and Victoria, over the weekend. Temperatures in Sydney were recorded at Observatory Hill, CBD. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, temperatures returned to 30 degrees Celsius by 4:30 p.m. Earlier in 1986, Observatory Hill had a record of 24.6 degrees Celsius.

Many people have been seen taking sunbaths at the beach in Sydney in the scorching heat. Meanwhile, the New South Wales Department of Health has urged everyone to stay away from distance. Predicted a five- or six-day heatwave in parts of south-east Queensland.