Players of Barcelona Agreed to the Reduction of Salaries

Players of Barcelona agreed to the reduction of salaries

The world economy has now collapsed due to Corona. Already world-famous football clubs have faced this economic downturn. Since there are no fans in the gallery and the match is not going on regularly due to Corona, it goes without saying that tickets are not sold. As a result, players of Barcelona agreed to the reduction of salaries.

The president of the Barcelona football club decided to reduce the salaries of the players. At first, many players opposed it but eventually, the players agreed to the proposal. The players agreed to this proposal considering different aspects.

Because they also realized that if they do not reduce their own salaries at the moment, the club would be more likely to go bankrupt. The club's players have agreed to a total reduction of 122 million euros.

According to La Liga data, Barcelona will be able to spend a total of 282.60 million euros in the 2020-21 season, which is 43% less than before. And the players' salaries have been reduced by 30% compared to the past.

However, according to the players of Barcelona football club, they will have to pay a total of 5 million Euros for the next three years. The Barcelona president thanked the Barcelona players for agreeing to such a decision which had been announced by the Barcelona board.