Mistery is Exposed of Bermuda Triangle or Devil's Tiangle

Mistery is Exposed of Barmuda Triangle or Devils Tiangle

The Bermuda Triangle is known as the Devil's Triangle. It is said that when a ship or plane passes over this region, it automatically disappears mainly on the Bermuda Triangle.

And the parts of the lost ship or plan cannot be found. Now the question is why Bermuda Triangle is known as the Devil's Triangle? On December 5, in 1945, an airplane passed over the sea. Suddenly, the pilot realized that the compasses on his plane were not working properly and something from the sea was pushing them to the bottom of the sea. Since the compass on their aircraft was not working, they could not perceive any direction.

The plane suddenly disappeared in just 15 minutes after the accident. The plane has been lost into the Bermuda Triangle area, Florida and Portugal. The plane that sank within the Bermuda Triangle was named Flight 19. Another plane left that night to search for the missing plane.

But surprisingly, the plane never returned and no signal was received from that plane. The Bermuda Triangle is truly a scary place. Because hundreds of planes and ships have been crashed in the Bermuda Triangle in the last century, and so far not all crashed planes or ships have been found. At the end of the 19th century, some people said that these planes and ships were disappeared by aliens.

Or some used to say that there is an invisible door in this Bermuda Triangle. Through that door, these ships and planes are heading to another sea. But these ideas are actually wrong. Research by American scientists has found that the Bermuda Triangle region is prone to hurricanes all the time. The wind speed of the storm is 263 kilometers per hour.

Scientists also claim that planes and ships that pass over the Bermuda Triangle due to the low air pressure in the region sink to the ocean. They also claim that there is a type of magnet in the Bermuda Triangle region that attracts planes and ships to the seabed, causing more accidents and causing debris to be swept away by strong currents. As a result, these ruins can no longer be found.