Iran or USA! Who is the Strongest? In Details

The United States and Iran have long been at odds. In a word, they are opposing states. The antagonism between the two states has become more serious. The main reason is the murder of Solaimani. As a result, the diplomatic relation between the United States and Iran is not expected well. Now we will know whether Iran really has the capability to wage a war. Iran ranks 14th in the world in terms of military weapons capability.

And at the top is the United States. Russia and China are in second and third place. Iran is specialized in missile technology, drones and nuclear weapons. Although Iran is very good at these things, it is not enough to win the war against the mighty US. Because USA's technology is upgraded a lot from Iran.

So, let's take a look at what kind of military weapons technology Iran has. The first weapons technology we will discuss is missiles. Although Iran has the largest missile reserve in the Middle East, it is not enough. The main reason for this is that the missiles that Iran has are not that perfect for hitting targets. In 2016, Iran launched a missile against the Islamic State called Qiam-1, which has a range of 600 kilometers per hour. On the other hand, the new missile that Iran has discovered is called Shahab-3.

The speed of this missile is over a thousand kilometers per hour. A survey show that Iran has more than 150 missiles. But Iran, on the other hand, must take into account that there are around 60,000 American soldiers scattered across the Middle East. These 150 missiles are not enough for scattered American troops.

Let's talk about the Iranian army. Iran has more than 523,000 soldiers. Of these, three and a half hundred thousand members of the army are skilled. Of these three hundred and a half thousand members of the army, one hundred and half thousands members of the army are members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. There are 20,000 soldiers in the navy and 5,000 in the Kudos army. These Quds forces are scattered in various countries in the Middle East.

Iran also has many drones and planes that have been purchased from allied countries. Iran has acquired all these technologies at a cost of millions of dollars. All of this technology has taken Iran one step further on the battlefield. However, it can be said that if Iran and the United States participate in the war, both countries could suffer the same loss.