I have Received too Many Offers from Men: Madonna

I have Received too Many Offers from Men-Madonna

Popular US pop star Madonna has a colorful life. The singer, in her sixties, overcame many ups and downs and found success. Became one of the most important in world music.

Madonna's career began in 1986. She has been in love with many men in her life. Two years after starting his career, he fell in love with Dan Gilory. Add to that the list of American graffiti artists Jean-Michel Basquet, John F. Kennedy Jr. and others. Ahamalik Williams, 25, also joined the list of 72-year-old Madonna's boyfriends.

In addition to her career success, Madonna has been offered bedfellows by a number of men. Madonna made the remarks in a recent interview with The Guardian. "Sex is a trade," he said. I can't tell you how many men have told me, 'If you give me ... benefits' or 'If you are my bedfellow.'

Madonna is a musician as well as a fashion designer. Pop empress Madonna tries to do something other than singing whenever she gets a chance. She has launched a global fashion brand in association with Iconix Brand Group. He is also a filmmaker. He directed the film 'Field and Wisdom' in 2006.