"Double Mutant" variant of the coronavirus is Found in India

Double Mutant variant of the coronavirus is Found in India

A 'double mutant' variant of the coronavirus has been identified in India. The characteristic of this type is that they can be converted twice. The country's health ministry released the information on Wednesday.

Authorities said Wednesday that the country's highest virus infection so far this year had been identified and that the death had caused further concern and panic.

A statement from the ministry said genome sequencing and analysis of samples found in the state of Maharashtra had found mutations in the virus that did not match previously found samples.

Maharashtra is the region hardest hit by the crown in India. However, the ministry did not say whether the virus was responsible for the outbreak.

The ministry said in a statement that although VOCs and a new dual mutant variant were found in India, there was not enough information to say whether they were the cause of the rapid transmission of corona.

A new strain of the corona virus found in Great Britain, South Africa and Brazil has also been found in some places in India.

The number of new infections in India in 24 hours on Wednesday was 46,282. This is the highest number of one-day infections since early November last year.

The total number of infections in India is a crore 1.6 million. Only the United States and Brazil are ahead of them. The death toll in India in the last 24 hours is 265. With this, 1.84 million people have died in Corona in the country.