Diego Maradona Died of Heart Failure - Mourn in Argentina

The soccer legend Diego Maradona died Wednesday because of the heart failure at his home in Tigre, north of Buenos Aires. The whole of Argentina is now feeling the mourn of losing a legend. His fans went to the stadium with flower and candles to respect Diego Maradona.

A man waved a banner where it was written that “God Is Argentine”. As he is a national hero, the government announced three days of mourning.

People gathered at a random Buenos Aires stadium to respect Diego Maradona. He started his career from that stadium in 1976.

If Argentina is known to the world, then this is only because of his magician performance for his team. In one sentence "Diego is the great narrator of Argentina". He died at 60 years of age. All the time he served for his country.

The world cup of 1986 is one of the greatest contributions of all time. Argentina won the world for his leading performance. From that time he is known to the argentine as the magician of Football.