Corona Cases are Rising in Canada for the Second Time

Corona Cases are Rising in Canada for the Second Time

The number of corona cases is rising again in Canada. Health department officials said the number of corona cases could rise further in the next few weeks.

At a news conference on October 9, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the number of second-corona cases was rising in many parts of the world. Canada is at risk.

Also on October 8, the number of corona cases in Canada reached a record high. An average of 2,000 people has been infected in Canada over the past few weeks. Which is 40% more than the previous week.

Corona has been identified in the bodies of 1,75,380 people in Canada so far. Another report from the Department of Health states that the number of corona patients in the hospital is constantly increasing. On average, 18 to 19 patients die of corona every day.

The provinces most affected are Ontario, Quebec and Toronto. A temporary lockdown has been declared in all these provinces. The Prime Minister of Canada has instructed everyone to stay at home.

Instructed to stay at home even on holidays. And instructed everyone to be vigilant during the Thanksgiving Day celebrations on October 12th.